Think about nutrition

“Pensar Nutrição” or “To think about nutrition” is a space for critic reflexion about the great themes of nutrition by professors, researchers and students from FCNAUP.

Once FCNAUP is the only public nutrition faculty in Portugal, and therefore has been accumulating a great and important critic knowledge during the last 40 years we decided to put this knowledge available to the whole community through short texts based upon the most recent scientific evidence, in a way that is totally free from conflict of interests. This means also a space to fight the misinformation. The misinformation about nutrition is currently a great worldwide public health issue that leads to wrong/incorrect food choices taken by millions of people and therefore threatening both human health and the planet health. It is crucial that each country can provide a net of safe places that held health information.
“Pensar Nutrição” intends to be one of those information places based upon the scientific evidence which intends also to be transparent and detached in the scope of food and nutrition.

It is our goal to think nutrition through the eyes of science and beyond words and what has been written, it is also about the own vision and experience from the authors that took part in this, each one with his/her own personal style.

“Pensar Nutrição” is edited by FCNAUP and has an Editorial Board that is responsible for the edition and the editorial options.

The members of the Editorial Board are Pedro Graça; Bela Franchini; Marta Azevedo, Maria João Gregório and Raul Santos.